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Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts


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Rehahn Photography Book
Rehahn Photography Book
Rehahn Photography Book
Rehahn Photography Book
Rehahn Photography Book

Réhahn’s photographs of Vietnam have become some of the most iconic images of the country over the last decade.

Réhahn’s passion for photography is deeply aligned with his passion for travel. He has visited and photographed more than 30 countries around the world but his heart is always drawn back to Vietnam where he has lived since 2011. The incredible cultural diversity of his adopted country never ceases to inspire him. Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts Volume I is a compilation taken from an archive of over 27,000 photographs. The book has been a bestseller for three consecutive years in Vietnam.

140 pages
145 photographs
Paper: This luxury coffee table book is printed on white Fine Art medium weight paper with a glossy finish, which creates a vibrant gallery-worthy image definition.
Cover: The hardback cover features edge to edge printing with a soft satin sheen.
Dimension: 28cm x 33cm
The large size of the edition will make an impact in your space, drawing viewers to sit down and immerse themselves in the destination.
Weight (2.3Kg)
Languages: English and French
Isbn: 978-604-93-6436-5

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