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Precious Heritage Book


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Step into a land of vivid color, ancient traditions and changing times with Réhahn’s photographs and stories of the diverse ethnic groups of Vietnam. Ten years of research have gone into bringing to light this extraordinary living history of the 54 recognized tribes in Vietnam as well as numerous subgroups .

Within these pages, you will go on an unforgettable journey to meet some of the smallest groups who number little more than 300 people as well as seeing the last examples of costumes which are no longer being made. Each portrait shows a different member of a tribal community wearing their authentic, traditional costumes. This book is a testament to the power that photography has to captivate, inspire and preserve.

140 pages
100 photographs
Paper: This petite coffee table book is printed on white Fine Art medium weight paper with a soft luster finish.
Cover: The soft cover features edge to edge printing with a matte finish.
Dimension: 15 cm x 21 cm
Weight (0.5Kg)
Languages: English and French

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 The book will be signed by the artist  and shipped from Vietnam