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Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts Vol II


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Inspiring Photo Book by Rehahn
Inspiring Photo Book by Rehahn
Inspiring Photo Book by Rehahn
Inspiring Photo Book by Rehahn
Inspiring Photo Book by Rehahn

After the success of his first book, Réhahn returns with new colours, new landscapes and new portraits of the country’s diverse ethnic groups in the second book, Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts Volume II . Ranked among the Top 10 best travel photographers, Réhahn has, within a few years, become a reference in the world of photography.

Often described as the photographer who captures the souls of his models, his work is regularly published in international press such as National Geographic, BBC, CondeNast Traveller, and Lonely Planet to cite a few. These photographs will make you want to discover Vietnam and the incredible people who live there.

140 pages
145 photographs
Paper: This luxury coffee table book is printed on white Fine Art medium weight paper with a glossy finish, which creates a vibrant gallery-worthy image definition.
Cover: The hardback cover features edge to edge printing with a soft satin sheen.
Dimension: 28cm x 33cm
The large size of the edition will make an impact in your space, drawing viewers to sit down and immerse themselves in the destination.
Weight (2.3Kg)
Languages: English and French
Isbn: 978-604-89-4084-3

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