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100 Iconic Portraits


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An astonishing collection of the artist’s most celebrated photographs. The ones that captured the attention of the world, making headlines in the international press and rising to the status of Iconic. This collection goes beyond borders and languages to journey directly into the heart of humanity, taking daily life into the realm of the extraordinary. Each photograph is accompanied simply by a title and location, allowing viewers to find their own meaning in the image through the lines on the subjects’ faces and the emotion in their eyes.

100 Iconic photographs. 100 unforgettable moments.

120 pages
100 photographs
Paper: This luxury coffee table book is printed on white Fine Art medium weight paper with a glossy finish, which creates a vibrant gallery-worthy image definition.
Cover: The hardback cover features edge to edge printing with a soft satin sheen.
Dimension: 28cm x 33cm
The large size of the edition will make an impact in your space, drawing viewers to sit down and immerse themselves in the destination.
Weight (1.8Kg)
Languages: English and French
Isbn: 978-604-951-621-4

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