India, varanasi 2019

The Story

Krishna, the god of compassion, is one of the most widely revered of all Indian divinities. Popularly depicted smiling with deep blue skin and a peacock feather in his hair, Krishna has been the subject of countless poems, paintings, songs and even cartoons. Across India, children love to dress up like their idol. Réhahn captured this photograph of a “Krishna Kid” in Varanasi, one of his favorite cities in India. The vibrant reds and blues of this image have already made it a highly sought after photograph.

Fine Art Prints

This photograph is available for purchase as a Reproduction (40x60cm/15.7x23.6'') or as a numbered Collector's Original (up to 100x150cm/39.3x59'').


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Reproduction photographs are printed on high quality paper and signed by REHAHN. They will be delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity also signed by The Artist. They are available in one size (60x40cm) and are generally limited to 20 copies sold online. Sold-out photographs may still be available in our gallery.

Size 60x40cm | 23.6x15.7''

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Collector's Original

Limited Edition of 15

This gallery-quality photograph is processed on Fuji Crystal Pearl paper in our laboratory in Germany. It is delivered with a lifetime guarantee and a Certificate of Authenticity. Limited Editions increase in value each time a copy is sold, making them an excellent fine art investment.

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Fuji Metallic Paper

Fuji Crystal Pearl metallic paper uses silver halide emulsion technology to give your photograph an unbelievable 3D effect. Image durability guaranteed more than 75 years.