Tradition II

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Vietnam, Hoi An 2016

The Story

This is the poetic second photograph in the iconic “Tradition” series. The beauty is in the details: the lines of her ao dai, the geometry of her conical “nón lá” hat, the blue wall fading behind her like a memory as she moves ever forward towards the future. Tradition II is one of Réhahn’s most well-known photographs, which has been reprinted worldwide.

Fine Art Prints

This photograph is available for purchase as a Reproduction (40x60cm/15.7x23.6'') or as a numbered Collector's Original (up to 100x150cm/39.3x59'').


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Reproduction photographs are printed on high quality paper and signed by REHAHN. They will be delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity also signed by The Artist. They are available in one size (60x40cm) and are generally limited to 20 copies sold online. Sold-out photographs may still be available in our gallery.

Size 60x40cm | 23.6x15.7''

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Collector's Original

Limited Edition of 15

This gallery-quality photograph is processed on Fuji Crystal Pearl paper in our laboratory in Germany. It is delivered with a lifetime guarantee and a Certificate of Authenticity. Limited Editions increase in value each time a copy is sold, making them an excellent fine art investment.

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Fuji Metallic Paper

Fuji Crystal Pearl metallic paper uses silver halide emulsion technology to give your photograph an unbelievable 3D effect. Image durability guaranteed more than 75 years.

Tradition II & Blue Windows

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