echo by Réhahn

The Artist’s Inspiration

The flower-filled pond in “Echo” is in front of Réhahn’s home. Each season the lotus blossoms bloom and fade like the cycle of life. The meditative nature of the scene reminded the artist of the gentle lines and colors of Impressionism.

Every artist has a place or subject that inspires them. For Monet, the master Impressionist, it was the gentle shapes of water lilies floating on water. A scene that he returned to again and again to try to recreate their fragile beauty. Monet focuses on the surface of the water only showing the surrounding scene through its reflective gaze.

Impressionism has always had a strong influence on Réhahn’s work. The impressionists sought to capture the transient magic of sunlight by painting quickly in natural environments. This speed created a soft effect, allowing the spirit of the forms to come through without attempting to be perfectly realistic. The paint was used to create the sensation of light and shadow.

“Nature is a place for meditation. The flower in “Echo” represents the fragility of life as the seasons change, transitioning into winter.” - Réhahn

The Artist’s Message

In “Echo,” Réhahn wanted to create an image within an image. The first impression is of the emerald green lotus leaves highlighted by a flash of pink. In the background we see the hazy form of a woman tending to the lotus blooms. The cold tones create depth and contrast for the optimistic brightness of the few blossoms.

This Fine Art photo is an homage to Monet, a painter who left a legacy for us all through his obsession with capturing the beauty of his environment.

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The tranquil tones in “Echo” are ideal for creating a calming space in a bedroom, a living room or a spa. The image remains neutral while enlivening your decor with youthful shades of green, slate blue, and pink. In our largest sizes, “Echo” draws the viewer’s eye into this tableau of calm.