Our new online Art Visualizer tool allows you to see exactly what your Fine Art will look like in your space before you purchase your photo.

  • Preview the correct size in a mock-up space or your own room
  • Match your photograph with other photos to create your own art collection
  • Try out different frames and formats
  • Buy your photo without worrying that it might not fit in your space!


Choose the size

First choose the size that you would like to try so that you can see what your pur- chase will look like in the scale of a real room.

Option 1- “TRY IN YOUR ROOM”

Upload a clear photo of your room and then follow the steps to place the art work to see what your photo will look like in your actual space

Option 2- “VIEW IN A ROOM”

The Art Visualizer will place the chosen photo in a mock-up room if youʼre just hoping to get a quick idea of sizing,framing and style.

Click on “ARTWORK” to change the photograph and try out new artwork in the room

You can create your own art collection with multiple photos on the same wall

Click on “FRAMES” to choose from a number of framing choices for your photo

You can choose different frames for each photo if youʼre previewing more than one.