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Place Vietnam, Hoi An
Captured 2022

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60x40cm | 23.6x15.7''

Printed on high-quality matte paper. 60x40cm | (23.6x15.7'') 185 2 in stock

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Buying a Limited Edition photograph means you’re investing in rarity.

  • Editions of no more than 15 photos per format (60x90 cm or 100x150 cm) worldwide. Certain iconic photographs are only available in micro-editions of 3-5.
  • The value per copy increases every time a collector buys a photo from the edition size and the series comes closer to selling-out.
  • Fine Art photography is a growing investment trend in the international art market. Once a series has sold-out, your Original photo can be resold at a greater price to collectors in the secondary market.
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A Museum-Quality Photograph

A Collector’s Original changes an image into a nuanced masterwork.

  • Limited editions include the highest quality materials and a state of the art metallic process. They are processed (not printed) in our photo laboratory in Germany on premium Fuji Crystal Metallic Paper.
  • The highly technical process creates an incredible 3D effect with depth of contrast and insurmountable color brilliance.
  • The image is color-safe and won’t be damaged by sun or humidity.

Exclusive Collector’s Mobile App

Benefits only available to collectors!

  • Private App with a personalized experience about your artwork
  • Track the increasing value of your artwork in real time. Instant notifications each time a copy from your Limited Edition series sells.
  • Priority purchasing for new photos means lower prices on early copies in the series
  • You’ll receive a digital metallic kit with a personal artist-signed certificate of authenticity, a map showing where every copy of your photo has been purchased around the world, and the story behind your photograph.

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The flash of color in “Royal” is a nod to the symbolism of yellow in Asian cultures – from prosperity and power in Vietnam to hope and light in Japan. It hints at the history of vanished Dynasties while enlivening your home with the beauty of traditional Japanese art forms.

Transform your space with an original piece of art by Réhahn. Whether you’d like to make a statement or create an unforgettable atmosphere in your room, “Royal” will bring joy and warmth to your home like a ray of sunlight. The bright yellow combines the color of lucky apricot blossoms, the sweetness of honey, and the imperial beauty of the formal robes of Vietnamese emperors from times past.

This Fine Art photo will make its maximum impact when paired with its sister photographs “Imperial” and “Carmine.” The trio work together to create a color story infused with layers of history and cultural significance in your home art gallery.

Can I order my Reproduction photograph in a bigger size ?

No, we only sell Reproductions in one size (40x60cm). For bigger sizes, please see the Original Editions of your chosen photo.

How long will it take to receive my artwork after I order it?

Shipping typically takes around 2 weeks depending on your country. Your photo will be shipped from Germany.

What if my photo gets damaged during delivery?

For any damage incurred during delivery, please send us several pictures showing the damage. We will then ask you to destroy the Original damaged photograph so that we can ensure that the Limited Edition series maintains the same amount of copies. After we receive photos of the destroyed article as proof, we will send you a new photograph (with the same edition number) right away.

What if my Original Edition gets damaged after delivery?

Your Original Edition photograph comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it is damaged at any time, please contact us and we will send you a brand new one. We ask only that you pay for the processing fee needed to produce a new copy and that you destroy the original damaged article (with photographic proof) so that the Limited Edition series maintains the same amount of copies. Please contact us by email or WhatsApp for more information.

Why should I try to buy the first copy of an Original Edition series?

As each copy is sold, the price of each subsequent photograph will increase as availability becomes scarcer. Your potential investment increase is much higher for earlier copies in the series. For more information, check our article about Investing in Fine Art photography.