Why should you add green to your home ?


I was born in the countryside, but moved to a city in France when I was 10-years-old. I suppose something inside of me has always been trying to get back to that feeling I had as a small child in the middle of nature. I’ve always needed green.” – Réhahn

The Zen Effect of Green in Vietnam 

Between Ho Chi Minh and Hue, Hoi An and Hanoi, Vietnam’s topography is an ocean of green. Lush jungles are filled with tropical leaves. Northern cliffs overlook a horizon of terraced ricefields. And blue-green waters caress the country’s Eastern coastline. 

Vietnam is filled with unparalleled scenic beauty. 

Perhaps, this is why so many travelers are drawn to explore the country. 

Réhahn has lived in the Vietnamese countryside, near Hoi An, for more than a decade. His photographs focus on the spirit of Vietnam away from the megacities. From portraits of the country’s 54+ ethnic groups to images that celebrate traditional rural lifestyles, there’s always an underlying theme of finding balance. 

How does the color green make you feel?

Green is the color of rejuvenation. It is the color of growth and new beginnings.

Humans are drawn to green because plants give us oxygen and restore our energy. Seen from above, our planet is a mosaic of green and blue. Mother nature and water: givers of life and the only things that are truly essential to our future.

Yet, the majority of humankind lives in cities surrounded by concrete rather than trees. Nature has been pushed aside as the world develops at an ever increasing rate. The speed of modern life has added to anxiety and depression.  

You can choose to counteract the downfalls of urbanization by creating a color sanctuary in your home. According to color psychology, the color green helps people feel calmer. It brings serenity and balance to the head and the heart.

Have you ever walked into a forest and had the urge to stop and take a deep breath?

You can mimic this effect in your space. Filling your home with green tones creates a sense of serenity that will increase your well-being and decrease anxiety. It can remind you to find a meditative moment and let life slow down.

harmony ii mockup

“Time stops when I’m in the countryside surrounded by the colors and sounds of nature.” 

Tips for Using Green in Feng Shui

The philosophy of  Feng Shui began in China thousands of years ago. The basic idea is that one should try to create a balance in his/her environment to mimic the harmony found in nature.

Feng shui is centered around the five elements – wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. Imagine new leaves sprouting from the branches of a healthy  tree and it will make sense that green belongs to the wood element. An obvious way to use the color green to your advantage in your home is to have a wide assortiment of plant life. The plants will purify the air and keep you grounded. By using several shades of green, you can maximize the healing properties of the color.

Inspire yourself from the multitude of greens on each leaf. Add a bit of aqua-green to calm your spirit.  Lime green can engage the playful side of your character. Jade evokes enlightenment, while Emerald represents abundance. Prioritize the tones that can be found in nature.

Let Vietnam’s landscapes spark your imagination.


“Vietnam is like my compass. It always guides me back to what’s important: nature, harmony and heritage.” –  Réhahn

Finding Tranquility in Art

Discover more of our photographs featuring the color green
Think about how each one makes you feel. Which shade matches your personality? Which image will refresh and rejuvenate your home? 

green abundance mockup

Green Abundance

A woman in her traditional conical hat surveys her rice crops near Hoi An. The abundant shoots of green mean harvest season is near.



Like a painter brushing color across a canvas, this fisherman casts a ruby haze across the sky with his mesh net. Vietnam’s beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.


Morning Lotus

Morning Lotus

Lotus season in Hoi An creates a splash of beauty with its painterly colors and the otherworldly size of the blossoms being harvested.